Run Bullish

Run Bullish was created to provide traders with an upper hand in the market. All of the resources needed to succeed as a trader should be found at this site...enjoy!

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Bullish Charts

Here you will find a few examples of Bullish Charts and what to look for when trying to spot a chart that is about to Run Bullish.

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Trader Tools

Here are tools that I think every trader should use.

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Run Bullish Story

This website was created after I realized how hard it is to start trading on your own. I lost several thousands of dollars when I first started; however, after utilizing all the tools that took me years to find, I began to acquire massive gains. Currently my account contains a dollar amount that is over 2,000%+ higher than my original investment 3 years ago...Run Bullish presents to traders my/my groups current picks, tools to help you in the stock market, and information on how we spot the bullish runs.

Next Steps...

Look at the picks that are provided on Run Bullish and watch and see how they do. Our blog will be updated daily, and we encourage you to comment on how you did if you took our advice. All of our picks will be backed up as to why we believe they are setup to run bullish, this information will not be posted anywhere else earlier than it will be posted here...